I've been fascinated by computers from fairly early on. The first memory I have is being at a Buddhist children's summer camp and someone telling me about an app that started as a hobby but exploded to millions of users through the app store. I didn't even know what an iPhone was at the time, but that story got me thinking. It not only illustrated the impact of technology, but also the realization that the things I saw around me weren't set in stone, but rather highly malleable by whoever came along to drive change.

Later on, I started coding at 12, initially tinkering with games and doing competitive programming in high school. I placed 3rd in Hungary and attended the CEOI selection contest. With the help of some of the brightest friends and mentors, I had the chance to do high-impact and challenging work, including:

  • Temedica, a pioneer in the preventative health space, where I worked as a software engineer on medical apps used in the healthcare system in Germany.
  • Early co-founder and CTO at Dakai. During my time there, I worked on crypto projects, transportation app Spin ($100m acquisition by Ford), and lead the development of an internal management platform at Spotify that streamlined processes across offices and assisted in the company's entry into the podcast space.
  • Built and scaled a pricing algorithm from zero to handling ~$5m/mo in bookings. It did so while generating a marked revenue increase, enabled by a radically different design from those of Airbnb and legacy pricing engines.

I'm currently working on Basis Labs, a software firm that works with high-growth startups and deep tech companies to deliver top-tier products.

I snowboard and practice intermittent fasting, meditation, cold showers and ice water baths. I grew up in Hungary and have also lived in LA for a short time. I currently live in Budapest 🇭🇺. On this blog, I write about tech, design, psychology, history, and books I’m reading. I'll try to share my experience and things I'm learning about here.